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The process of 3D imaging in architecture involves a series of steps to create realistic and visually captivating representations of architectural designs.

First and foremost, the architect or 3D artist collects all relevant data, including architectural drawings, floor plans, and elevations. Using specialized software, they create a digital 3D model of the building, accurately capturing its dimensions and spatial layout. Once the basic structure is established, textures, materials, and lighting are meticulously applied to the model, bringing it to life with realistic details.

The next step involves fine-tuning the camera angles and perspectives to showcase the project’s key features effectively. Afterward, the rendering process begins, utilizing powerful computers to convert the 3D model into high-quality images or even immersive videos. These rendered images allow clients and stakeholders to visualize the project with exceptional clarity, aiding in decision-making and design refinement.

Through this comprehensive 3D imaging process, architects can effectively communicate their vision and present their architectural creations with stunning visual realism.

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Johan Ghilcrist


3D imaging

Starts on:

1 May 2022

Ends on

20 May 2023




Veronica Chipwanya

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